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100’s of employees placed in jobs every month!

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

Unique Nursing Service of the Midwest assists companies deal with unexpected absences, busy periods, illnesses, maternity leaves and special projects.


However, when a temporary absence creates the need for short term help, Unique Nursing Service provides several different types of Staffing Solutions; including the recruitment of qualified individuals for daily, weekly, and monthly assignments or placement. 

Unique Nursing Service of the Midwest is dedicated to providing our Business Partners with the Highest Level of Mitigation Services; led by our Infection Control Nurses, and COVID~Certified Sanitation Specialist; which implement "Strategic Solutions" to mitigate pathogens, reduce the spread of illness and create a Healthier Workplace and Community.

If you are in need of Professional Nursing Staff or require Certified Sanitation Services our Rapid Response Management Team has Business Solutions "Tailored - to - Fit" your..."UNIQUE BUSINESS" with our Health Surveillance Monitoring and Sanitation Technicians that provide additional levels of safety measures and mitigation. 

We offer Thermal Detection Monitoring, Testing, and Contact Tracing Services; in addition to our Certified COVID~19 Deep Sanitation Services using EPA approved products that meet CDC, State and Local guidelines required for Business's in any of the 3-stages of Covid-19 Management.


Our specialized Technicians will treat for Presumptive, Confirmed or Active Cases and Post Covid-19 and prepare your Re-Opening process.   

Our "Rapid Response Team" are......"UNIQUE" Leading in providing a TOTAL Service Package providing Thermal Detection Monitoring and Sanitation Services for Business Everywhere. 


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